Do you or someone you love suffer from blocked tear duct? What are blocked tear ducts? Blocked tear duct is something I discovered through a friend’s baby. As the name suggests you would think it would mean that you cannot cry as there is a blockage when the opposite is true. For my friend’s baby it meant that her baby’s eye did not stop running and caused his skin on his face to be raw from the wet tears constantly running down their face.

Her baby had the condition from birth and she was told there is nothing that can be done and it should rectify itself by the time her child would be 4 years old. From hearing about my sessions, my friend booked into a session to help her baby with their blocked tear duct. The great news was that after one session, her baby’s eye stopped running and the blocked tear duct completely disappeared. To read more about this lady’s experience, you can visit my testimonials page. Would you like to experience similar results? Then read on to find out how.

If you this is the first time it’s happening to you or it has been happening for a while, or know someone who is suffering from blocked tear ducts, we at Your Inner Power can help you address the issue and clear the blocked tear duct with lasting results.

To ease and stop your blocked tear duct, you will need to attend some treatment sessions where I will through the use of a powerful technique called Faster EFT, unravel the possible causes of your blocked tear ducts and employ proven strategies to fixing the source of the problem, thus completely eliminating the symptom. If you are a parent and want to help your baby, all you simply need to do is imagine how a blocked tear duct would feel and we can go from there. By addressing the sources of these emotions, we are addressing the root of the problem.

If you would like to know about people like you who have had various conditions and gotten the necessary remedy they needed, visit my testimonials page. If you’re satisfied with that, then you can get in touch with me here.

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