So what is smoking addiction?  Are you someone who is addicted to smoking?  Smoking addiction can be defined as having an uncontrollable reliance on cigarettes and to stop smoking would have effects on the person emotionally, physically or mentally.

Are you someone who can’t go without your cigarettes?  Do you get cravings or shakes if you don’t smoke?  Do you get irritable if you don’t smoke?  Do you budget based on your smoking needs?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have a smoking addiction.So what can you do?  How about giving up cigarettes in a pain-free, inexpensive, easy to access way?  How does that sound?

Our Quit Smoking sessions are designed to deal with your smoking addiction and eliminate your reliance on it from your daily life without any feelings of deprivation.  So what’s involved?  We use a technique called Faster EFT to understand what is going on in your body and mind in relation to your smoking addiction.  Its important to understand the emotions and feelings that drive your smoking addiction and use Faster EFT to neutralise these emotions and help you quit smoking.

Smoking addiction is a widespread issue in the world.  Using something like Faster EFT on smoking addiction helps address all the emotional, mental and physical issues you have as a result of smoking as well as addressing any emotional, mental or physical issues that may come up as a result of quitting smoking.To read other peoples experience of our sessions in relation to smoking addiction, visit our testimonials page.

So whether you want to end your smoking addiction, give up smoking to improve your health or be a better role model for your family and friends, our sessions can help you achieve your goal.  So why not contact us today and book a session and conquer your smoking addiction today!

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