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6th - 11th June 2019 - Sunshine Coast, Australia
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Who are we?

At Your Inner Power, we specialize in helping people get to the core of their issues and facilitate them in hitting their “reset” button to achieve a healthier, happier life.


The founder Jackie Durnin has over 10 years experience working with depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, fears & phobias, PTSD and much more.


She was selected as one of 10 practitioners internationally to work at the worlds leading Drug & Alcohol rehab in Hawaii to help de-sensitise people from their drug of choice.  She has over 4 years experience working and also creating Health Retreats.  Our Health Retreats are based on the latest developments in neuroscience and really help to empower the individual to create lasting change for their mental and physical health.

What is “Reset Your Health 5 Day Intensive”?

Would you like to “reset” your physical or emotional health?  Would you like to see things from a new perspective in 2019?  If so, read about our upcoming Reset Your Health 5 Day Intensive Retreat which will work closely with a limited group of individuals to help them overcome their key physical and emotional challenges.


Reset Your Health 5 Day Intensive Retreat is a 5 day Retreat held in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. The retreat will cater for a limited number of individuals and will be held from 6th – 11th June 2019.


Participants will need to arrive at the venue on Thursday June 6th and the retreat will begin on Friday 7th June.


“Reset Your Health Retreat not only helped to reset the way I relate to life, it helped me put many ghosts to bed and rediscover a much healthier and happier life. In other words I highly recommend this retreat to anyone wanting to make some BIG changes in their life.
Georgia, Queensland


The retreat will provide customised program based on each individuals health issues. A program will be developed in consultation with a medical and health and wellbeing team and will use a range of cutting edge techniques to help deconstruct neural pathways that are assisting in the present physical or mental health condition.


The goal of the Reset retreat is to help people reset their minds and bodies and empower people to change the way they feel.


The Reset Your Health Retreat was quite possibly the best 10 days of my life.  The change I have noticed not only psychologically and emotionally, but physically as well has been astonishing. Since the Retreat I have lost more than 19 kilos!  I feel like a new and improved person, as I finally feel like I have gained some control and stability of my emotions.  I am extremely grateful to have been able to experience such a fantastic form of therapy and I will never ever forget it. My new life starts now!”
Zac, South Australia

What is included?

The Reset Your Health Retreat will create a customised program for you based on your health issues and concerns.

You will stay in a beautiful home in the Sunshine Coast and here you will have:

  • Daily Transformative Therapy Sessions
  • Delicious and healthy organic meals
  • Tailor made exercise program
  • Meditation
  • Group Activities (processes, sharing, workshops)
  • Follow up program
  • Infrared Sauna Sessions

Following the 5 days, the individuals will have follow ups at home to ensure their ongoing success.

Who should book on this Retreat?

You should book if you fulfill the following criteria:


1. you have a physical or mental/emotional health concern that you have been struggling with.
2. you are open to the potential healing available to you by addressing what you hold mentally and emotionally inside, and the potential for shifting your experience by immersing yourself with a team of specialists who will assist you with your issue.
3.  you hold a deep desire to take responsibility and are committed to exploring new possibilities for healing.


As a person who had been suffering with diagnosed depression and anxiety for years I finally was unable to maintain an outer face that everything was ok when it was not. Due to a physical and mental health breakdown, I had to stop my profession of over 30 years last September and began using antidepressants and valium but things just got worse.This retreat has changed and is continuing to change who I am. The love, support, understanding and especially the modalities offered at this Retreat allowed me to truly begin the journey of cleaning my body of medications etc that didn’t work anyway. 


More importantly the retreat taught me how to take total responsibility for myself and my reactions by rewriting my old damaging patterns of thinking and believing. My lows are nowhere near where they used to be due to the ‘magic’ tools I learned on this retreat. I have made new friends who understand me and I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to take their personal power back day by day and tap into a whole new you.”
Dee, Queensland

The Details - Our Early Bird Special

All of the above any more will cost you $3,995AUD for 5 days. However  as an early bird special, if you book and pay by Tuesday 28th May 2019, you will get all of the above for only $3,295AUD.  Places are limited to book your place today!


The Reset Your Health Retreat helped me release a lot of emotional trauma that was impacting my life.  The tapping techniques used at the Retreat are amazing and through the eduction and support I have received from the Retreat I can now use these tools to help myself and my family. If you want to create change in your life physically or emotionally, I would highly recommend this Retreat.”
Jen, New South Wales.

“If you are struggling with any type of emotional trauma, stress or addiction,  I highly recommend Your Inner Powers coaching and programs.”
Ashley U.S.A.

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