Drug & Alcohol Addiction

It has been my pleasure to have Jackie Durnin as our guest at Habilitat, working diligently to break the addiction patterns with our residents using FasterEFT. Our clients have experienced significant internal changes. Without reservation, we would recommend Jackie Durnin to employ her exceptional skills to any addiction issue. Her confidence, professionalism and dedication are amazing. Her mastery of Faster EFT and the addiction protocol were clearly effective in helping our clients clear away the problems that caused the addiction.

Jeff Nash, Clinical Director
Hawaii, U.S.

Healthy Weight Loss

At 94 kilos I was unhappy, unhealthy and desperately wanting to make a change to my overall health and weight.  I had tried everything to shift my weight including shake diets, counting points, counting calories, diet after diet they all kept letting me down. I felt like a failure, I just wanted to eat real food, feel good about myself and be in my healthy weight range.

I worked with Jackie, my tapping specialist on my emotional eating issues, cravings and generally changing to a healthy sustainable lifestyle and as a result I am now 80 kilos. I still have some weight to lose but Jackie has given me the tools to ensure my continuing success at reaching all my healthy lifestyle goals.

I will never be able to thank Jackie enough for the way she has helped me change my life, I am sure she has added at least another 10 years to my life which I intend to spend enjoying with my 2 young energetic children.

Queensland, Australia

Emotional Trauma

Below is a quick catch up with Ashley, a resident at Habilitat.  Ashley had worked with me over a 6 month period on her prescriptive drug addiction and on some emotional trauma that was detrimentally impacting her.  Ashley describes her experience of working with me and how it has helped her.

Hawaii, U.S.

Blocked Tear Duct Treatment

After having a successful session with Jackie in relation to my smoking addiction, I decided to try to do a session in relation to my son Levi.  From birth Levi had a blocked tear duct on his right eye.  This meant he had a constant tear stream from that eye causing irritation on his face. Doctors told us there was nothing we could do but hoped the issue would resolve itself by the time he was 4 years of age.
At 5 months old we booked a tapping session with Jackie.  After one session with Jackie, his dripping eye progressively improved over 3 days.  After a week it was clear and so was the irritation on his face.  He is now almost 7 months old and the blocked tear duct has not returned.

Levi Briant
Brisbane, Australia

Fear of Presenting & Anxiety

When I was first told about tapping I didn’t really believe it would help my nerves and confidence when public speaking, as everything else I’d tried had failed, but I decided to try it as I had nothing to lose.  After meeting Jackie I found her to be friendly, down to earth and genuine. Jackie was very thorough and informative about tapping and the benefits it brings. She instantly put me at ease and gave me an insight into what to expect from the tapping session.

After the first session I instantly felt a shift in my emotions and feelings and I felt a change within myself, so I couldn’t wait to my next public speaking event where I could see if the tapping had worked.  Before I was petrified of public speaking and would shake and even be lost for words, whereas now after only 1 session I am able to stand and give a presentation and conduct myself in a way I wasn’t able to do before.

Don’t get me wrong I still have the nerves before having to speak in public but at least the shakes have stopped and the words come out.  I still feel I would benefit from another tapping session and I would highly recommend tapping to anyone regardless of what the subject maybe.

Sydney, Australia

Crystal Meth Addiction

Below is a video of a client I worked with over 5 sessions.  Shane is a resident in Habilitat, a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in Hawaii, who was addicted to crystal meth.  In this video Shane is tested for his meth addiction and describes the effects my sessions had on him.

Quit Smoking Success

I booked a session with Jackie to help me quit smoking.  I was smoking 3 – 4 cigarettes per day.  After one session with Jackie, I had lost the urge to smoke.  Jackie was very professional and made me feel very comfortable with this treatment that I was previously very unfamiliar with. Out of curiosity I had one  cigarette that night after the session.  That was my last cigarette.  Jackie taught me what to do if I got triggered and had any urges come up.  I used a tapping sequence she gave me a few times when I had the urge to smoke, this seemed to take the edge off so I didn’t have the cigarette, I only needed to do this about three times.  For my smoking habit my tapping session with Jackie was a great success.

Rikki Briant
Brisbane, Australia

Alcohol Addiction

Dear “Tappy Jackie”

I would like to thank you for facilitating an amazing change to my life, and hopefully what I write may help others with the same (former) addictions.

Over the years I have tried everything to stop drinking alcohol to no avail (at least a bottle of wine, night after night). Clinics just doped me up on Valium to handle the detox process, hypnotherapy worked for about 3 days. Acupuncture – not at all.

At the retreat where I met you, everyone was talking about ” Tappy Jackie” and how her weird technique helped them, so when first meeting you, I was quite excited, yet a little skeptical. After just one session, my desire for a drink is non existent. ” Wine o’clock” comes around and I don’t even notice. Believe me, I could tell it was 7 pm with no watch in sight.

Those of you who are addicted to a drug or alcohol substance know the benefits of not using your drug of choice, yet actually not partaking is the hard part. Jackie’s technique ERADICATED that overwhelming desire to drink myself into a stupor each night and I am forever grateful, and in awe of her ability to help so many of us who struggle daily with addictions. Her humour and innate caring nature made it a fun and liberating experience.

Just knowing that in the unlikely event that I could possibly crave a drink in the future , that I can have Jackie’s technique practiced over Skype is so reassuring. The fact that you do not need to be in the same room to resolve an issue means that anyone can contact her from anywhere in the world.

I completely and totally highly recommend Jackie’s technique to anyone in a similar addictive cycle that I found myself in.

Melbourne, Australia

Alcohol and Cocaine Addiction

Below is a video testimonial from a resident at Habilitat that I worked with over a 6 month period on his Alcohol and Cocaine addiction. In this video David describes the positive impact of my sessions, how it helped remove his addictive feelings and also help release some emotional trauma which he was struggling with.


“I came to you suffering with depression and suicidal thoughts. I had suffered the traumatic loss of a loved one but hadn’t connected this to the way I felt. I haven’t had a sad thought since the session and that is a miracle. It’s as if my head is cleared of all the rubbish and worries. Every time I think of my loved one, I smile. No more sadness. When I told my Dr. how I felt, she gave me a big hug and said that she had been waiting a long time to hear those words. I would highly recommend Your Inner Power as I want others to have the opportunity to experience what I have and find a reason to want to live.”


Queensland Australia


“I have suffered from bouts of anxiety and depression most of my adult life. This was a result of carrying around deep grief from multiple losses and death of loved ones. After just one coaching session with Jackie I felt a huge shift and lifting of heavy pain. Jackie armed me with real and tangible techniques to use on a daily basis when I felt those waves of grief return. We also untapped a part of my childhood that needed healing.
I have tried many therapies in the past that were very short lived but learning the EFT tapping technique from Jackie is something I can take with me always. I would highly recommend Jackie and her honest warm and real approach to healing.
It was raw and confronting but that is what is needed to truly heal and move in from a art traumas.
Thank you Jackie”


Queensland Australia


“Thank you so much for today, I feel like a whole weight has lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been feeling really good since the session.”
Queensland Australia


“After the session, I knew that the shop selling alcohol was on the left as I drove away and I had no desire what so ever to get any beer. I actually used the tapping to let go of some frustration I had when I got home that was work related and was able to laugh at it afterwards. I’m feeling really positive. My grandad passed away a couple of weeks after our session and I was pretty cut up and still am, but I’ve used the tapping and ended up grabbing a stubbie of kombucha ( non alcoholic ) and pretty proud to say not a drop of booze or anything else. Also the guys at work where giving me stick about not drinking but no real want to go back to it. At all. Pretty stoked in that. Thank you!”
Queensland Australia

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