So what is involved in a session at Your Inner Power?  There are a number of ways that you can engage with Your Inner Power.

Your Inner Power has been created to help people change the way they feel by helping them tap into their Inner Power.  Jackie from Your Inner Power, has worked with individuals, groups and corporates to help create change in peoples lives and empower them to change the way they feel by using simple easy to learn techniques.

There are a couple of different types of sessions available at Your Inner Power. The first is a face to face session.  These are conducted at our clinic in Noosaville or can be delivered on site at a corporates office. These sessions are two hours in length and are designed to get to the emotional foundations of the issue. 

The second way to have a session at Your Inner Power is to do an online session with Jackie via Zoom or Skype. This enables Jackie to work with anyone located in any place, timezones permitting.  The main difference here is in the session, Jackie would not physically be tapping on you but both online and face to face result in the same outcome which is a dramatic improvement or reduction in symptoms or a complete change in perception of the situation.

We also offer Group sessions and most recently these have been in the form or Boutique Group Retreats, Corporate Retreats or Corporate Workshops. Both of these involve group work using the a combination of modalities to help the individual feel empowered and less stressed about their situation.  In the retreat scenario, this has resulted in huge changes in behaviour, emotional wellbeing and overall health.  In the corporate environment, we have noticed a change in employee behaviour, a reduction in employee absenteeism and an improvement in their performance in the workplace. We have seen a general improvement in the office culture as a result of attending these transformative workshops.

If you are interested in changing the way you feel or helping you employees with their emotional wellbeing in the workplace, contact us now to find out ways we can work with you today!

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