Corporate sessions are one of the ways that Jackie can help facilitate positive change in your organisation. Are you someone who is having an issue with some of your employees? Are you suffering from employee absenteeism? Do you suffer from a toxic work environment? 


If you answered yes to any of these questions, perhaps booking a corporate session with Jackie could be the answer. A corporate session is a 2 hour coaching session which will help you address what are the emotional frameworks in place to drive this issue. Jackie will help clear up any emotional overwhelm and any triggers in relations to specific people or clients in the workplace. By removing any stress, worry or anxiety for your employees, your employees can be more present and focused on the job at hand and therefore be a happier, healthier person in the workplace.


Jackie has done a number of corporate sessions and feedback following these one-on-one intensives is a huge shift in employee dynamics, improved company culture and less sick days taken. This results in a more productive, focused and emotionally balanced workplace for all.


If you are interested in finding out any more information about our Corporate sessions, please contact us today and we can discuss your requirements and how we can help make a positive change in your organisation.

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