Are you someone who has been trying to beat your personal best but haven’t managed to?  Do you have a sports event coming up and every time you train you feel something holding you back?  Do you hit a wall during your race and can’t achieve the result you want?  Do you find that you don’t pace yourself and be consistent in each section of the event?  Do you want to achieve a better result than you currently are?  Do you want to beat last years result?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, we at Your Inner Power can help you with your performance at sport through our performance coaching sessions.

Many people experience different challenges when it comes to their performance at sport.  As a lot of sports people know mental preparation is just as important as the physical preparation for an event.  It is important to see yourself achieving your goal. But sometimes no matter how much positive thinking you do, how much training you put in, you cannot achieve the target you set for yourself.  If you are someone like this, then look no further as we can help you with your sports performance.  We can help you unlock anything that is causing you stress in relation to this sport and release it.  The result will be a better time, a better race, a better personal best, an overall better performance at sport.  So how does that sound?

For our sessions, we use a technique called Faster EFT.  This technique uses the meridian system of the body by tapping on them to change the driving emotions behind the challenges in relation to your performance and help you reduce or remove them moving forward.

To read other peoples experiences with Your Inner Power, you can visit our testimonials page.

To improve your personal best result, improve your pace, remove any challenges you have while competing , why not contact us to book a session and excel in your performance at sport!

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