We, at Your Inner Power, are a consultancy specialising in creating highly productive happy, healthy and engaged employees who harness their inner power, effectively manage and move through their own challenges and obstacles, to ensure your Business thrives.

What makes our programs and coaching different is, we understand that all employees are different, each with their own unique challenges, motivations and strengths.  That is why everything we create and deliver is customised and unique to each organisation we work with and the employees who are on our program or being coached.Another factor that sets is apart from everyone else is that we are highly skilled at getting to the bottom of what stress, de-motivators and challenges are preventing your employees from performing at their peak.

We show them how to obliterate these challenges and obstacles so nothing holds them back and give them simple easy to use tools to empower them to manage any stresses they may face in the future.

What we do creates lasting change and has an ongoing impact in every organisation.

We have expertise in the following:

– Executive Stress Management

– Sales Team Mindset / Performance

– Team Performance and Productivity

– Company Culture and Morale

The methods we use, that underpin our product offering, are emerging, ground breaking and world-class techniques.

Here’s what one organisation had to say about the impact of our training on her team:

 I wanted to give you some feedback on how I have noticed your sessions have helped people in my team. One of my employees was always very defensive when I had discussions with her about her role. I have noticed that since her sessions she is less emotional and more self managed. She has been asking me to do certain tasks which in the past she would avoid. She is more confident to take on work and when we have discussions she listens to what I have to say and contributes without being defensive. I have noticed a huge improvement in her professional behaviour.”

Eva Chernak, Accounts Payable Team Leader, DuluxGroup

To find out how we can help your business thrive and empower your employees to be healthy, happy and engaged employees, contact us today.

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