Do you suffer from some sort of joint pain, muscle pain or any sort of physical body pain?  Does this pain affect your life, cause you to miss out on things, affect your relationships, your overall health?  If you answered yes to any parts of these questions, I bet you have tried a million and one things to help relieve the pain.  From massages, to chiropractors, to acupuncture, to drugs, to physical rest, the list goes on as to the many options we have available to help solve our pain problem.

Pain Relief
Physical pain can affect so many different parts of the body and can range from slight pain to pain so intense you are unable to move.  You may be experiencing joint pain such as knee painelbow pain or leg pain or you maybe experiencing pain in the form of a bulging disc or a pinched nerve.  Wherever you are on the spectrum, whatever type of pain you have, know that we at Your Inner Power can help you heal your body and be back in control.

My sessions have been designed to help people overcome all sorts of physical pain whether it be joint pain, muscle pain or any sort of physical pain. At Your Inner Power I work with people just like you and help them reduce or remove their pain from their life.  Is this something you would be interested in trying?

My sessions are pain-free, easy to follow and give you results fast.  The sessions use a technique called Faster EFT which involves tapping lightly on certain meridian points of the body.  By doing this, we reduce or remove the intensity of the underlying emotions relating to your physical pain until it is no longer a problem for you.  By addressing the underlying emotions behind the physical pain, we can cause great changes to occur in relation to the pain.  We have had clients where the pain completely left their body.

To find out what others are saying about Your Inner Power sessions, visit my testimonials page.

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