One of the modalities that Jackie has trained in is Matrix Birth Reimprinting. Now what is this I hear you ask? Matrix Birth Reimprinting is an expansion on Matrix Reimprinting specifically focused on the birthing experience as well as our pregnancy experience. 

Created by Sharon King the course explores how our birth stories affect our lives today. Working with you as a baby in the womb, can help clear any trauma this baby may have experienced and help reimprint your birth experience. 

Working with the younger versions of ourselves is hugely powerful and can help clear up emotional patterns of behaviour we may have today. 

When working with clients, we can help them rewrite their experiences from the womb or from birth and can have a flow on effect on how they behave but also on the relationships in their lives. 

In a transformational session with Jackie, the method she uses matrix birth reimprinting where needed with a number of other modalities to get the best result possible. Each client is different in what they need to address and what they need to release so being flexible in these sessions is important to help the client achieve what their intention is for the session.

If you would like to address your birth experience or would just like to experience a transformational session with Jackie, contact us today and get to experience and tap into your inner power and what it can do for you.

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