Are you someone who worries or feels anxious about some or all aspects of your life? Do you find that anxiety is becoming a key part of your life? Do you find that is impacting you moving forward in work, relationships or life in general? If this sounds like you and you would like to gain back control and free yourself from the effects of anxiety, then read on.

Anxiety is one of the main reasons that clients come to see me. Usually you can find that anxiety is intertwined with Depression and can sometimes be a bi-product of addiction.

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent mental health issues worldwide and statistics show a higher percentage of women are affected by it. 

A lot of people who have anxiety may never go for treatment. Of the clients Jackie has worked with, some have lived with their anxiety for years before going to seek help or they have convinced themselves that there is nothing they can do about it and suffer.

If you are someone who suffers from anxiety and it is impacting your life, why not try something that is very effective with anxiety and empowers you to change the way you feel.

By working on the emotional framework that holds your anxiety in place, we can deconstruct it and help you remove your anxiety triggers or help them be significantly reduced.

Depending on how long you have been experiencing anxiety, will determine how many neural pathways we need to work on to clear this pattern of behaviour. 

To book your session on anxiety, contact us today and let’s work together to unlock the framework of your anxiety.

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