Do you have a reliance on a drug to get you through the day? Do you think about this substance regularly? Do you use a drug as a pick-me up or to numb you out? Are you out of control when it comes to this drug?

There are a lot of treatments to help people deal with their addictions. These include counselling, hypnotherapy, smoking patches, abstinence etc. But did you know that there is a treatment available that can be done from the comfort of your own home, works and has lasting results, is pain free and safe, is available online and uses the body’s meridian system? This system is using a process called Faster EFT for addictions.

Over the years, I have gained lots of experience working with people to help them overcome their addictions. Addiction can be defined as any kind of physical or psychological dependence which negatively impacts a person’s life. Whatever your situation, however big your addiction is or whatever your addiction is, we at Your Inner Power can help you remove those addictive feelings.

Drug Addictions fall into three categories:

1. Illegal substances such as Crystal MethMarijuanaHeroinCrack or Cocaine.

2. Prescription drugs which cover drugs such as Painkillers, VicodinXanax or Oxycodone.

3. Legal substances such as sugar and alcohol which affect many people through the food they eat or the substances they drink.

Faster EFT for addictions, how does it work? Well, Faster EFT uses the meridian system of the body by tapping on a set of certain meridian points to change the driving emotions behind the addiction and therefore remove the need to have this substance in your life. This tapping process is pain free and easy to use and learn.

To see how my sessions have helped other with their drug addictions, visit our testimonials page.

If you have a problem with a drug addiction and would like to address it and make a change, why not try something that rehabs like Habilitat use and book a session today!

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