At Your Inner Power there are a number of ways that Jackie can facilitate change in your life. She can help you through her powerful transformation coaching sessions or through her online courses. Through her transformational coaching sessions, Jackie can work with you either in person or online to help facilitate the change you are wanting in your life.


Private coaching sessions are 2 hours long so as to address as many of the emotional drivers behind the concern or issue at hand. In these 2 hours, Jackie will use a number of different techniques on you to change the neural pathways connected to this concern or issue thus changing the way you see it in your mind moving forward. 


People book a private coaching session with Jackie if they are looking to address depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, emotional trauma or physical pain. The tapping modalities Jackie uses are extraordinary in addressing these issues and in helping you to feel and behave differently.


We like to refer to these transformational sessions as coaching sessions as this way it does not sound like hard work. A lot of people associate therapy as hard work and will avoid it but Jackie has made a conscious effort to change the therapy paradigm and create an experience that is not only healing but one that is sprinkled with laughter.

A lot of people who experience a session with Jackie will remark that it was fun, unexpected and while they may have cried, there was also laughter and big change 🙂 Check out our testimonials page to hear the voices of those who have experienced first hand what Jackie’s coaching sessions are like.

So if you are ready for change and want to try therapy in a transformational way sprinkled with laughter, then contact us today to book your private coaching session with Jackie.

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