When you book a transformational session at Your Inner Power, there are two ways you can experience this session with Jackie. One is face to face sessions and the other is online sessions.

When you book an online session with Jackie, there are a couple of different ways that we can provide this online experience for you. 


Online sessions are great as you can be anywhere in the world and experience a truly transformational session in the comfort of your own home. 


Online sessions are treated the same as if you were to come to a face to face session. There is no difference between the result. The only difference is you will be following Jackie as she demonstrates the technique and you will copy her whereas in a face to face session, Jackie would be doing the technique directly on the client.


The online session is 2 hours long so make sure you carve out enough time in your day for you to do the work. These sessions are an emotional workout. Are you going to cry? Maybe. But our goal for all our sessions is that we can also laugh. Jackie believes that therapy should not feel like hard work and it is not something to be scared of. A lot of people who experience a session with Jackie will remark that it was fun, unexpected and while they may have cried, there was also laughter and big change 🙂 Check out our testimonials page to hear what people have experienced with their sessions with Jackie.


The method Jackie uses in online sessions is the same as in person. It is a combination of techniques used in perfect balance with an intuitive barometer to ensure we achieve what is needed for that person in that moment in time. Some of these techniques include Emotional Freedom Technique, FasterEFT and Matrix Birth Reimprinting to name a few.


These online sessions can be conducted via zoom or skype, whatever is easiest for you. 


Now that you know that you can truly have a transformational session without leaving your home and if you are ready for some change, then contact us today to book your session with Jackie.


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