Corporate workshops are another way that Jackie offers corporate health and wellbeing support to her corporate clients. Jackie has developed a range of workshops that were specifically created with corporate employees in mind.

Your Inner Power currently has two corporate workshops available. These workshops are:

1.  Stress Management Workshop

2.  Emotional Wellbeing Workshop

Both these workshops are a one day event in which we can address, change and lighten your employees stress and emotional load. 

The stress management workshop centres around the stresses of the employees day to day in their role, the relationships that cause stress in the workplace and the stress of targets and performance. Identifying the stresses, understanding the level, perception and effect of this stress helps the individual with the transformative nature of this course. This truly is a transformative experience where you gain personal experience on how to release stress and feel that stress release. These are practical hands-on workshops where we empower your employees to change the way they feel, think or behave that is not serving them in their best interests in the workplace.

The Emotional Wellbeing workshop centres around the emotional stressors of the employee both personal and professional. As we all know, our personal lives affect our work lives whether we like it or not and it can affect our performance, our behaviour and our attendance at work.  Working with the employees we identify the biggest emotional stressors, our emotional barometer location and how we can reduce this now and in the future.

Both of these workshops are about empowerments. We want to empower your employees to change the way they feel and transform their overall health and wellbeing.

If you are interested in a truly transformative experience for your employees which will have lasting effects, please contact us today and we can discuss your requirements and how we can help make a positive change in your organisation.

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