My sessions on performance have been designed to help people overcome any obstacles they have in relation to their performance at work or at sport.  Are you one of these people who, when you go to do something at work or you compete in a sports competition/game, you feel something is holding you back, that you are capable of more but you can’t put your finger of what that something is?  Do you not hit your sales target at work or just slightly miss it each month?  Do you enter the sports competition with all the best intentions but can’t achieve what you were aiming for?  If you answered yes to any of the above questions, here is your opportunity to remove those barriers from your life and get what you are aiming for.

At Your Inner Power we have worked with clients who have concentrated on their performance at work.  This included achieving their sales target, achieving their study goals, right through to booking appointments with clients.  Whatever your KPI is at work, we can help you achieve it by removing any barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your goals.  So how do we do this?  By using a technique called Faster EFT, we can remove any stresses from your life in relation to work which will help improve your performance.  We can also run you through the process that you are not achieving your goal in and help you see it with a different outcome.

For those of you who are unhappy with your performance at sport, my sessions can help you also.  We have had clients who have done fun runs, marathons, triathlons, entered swimming competitions and much more.  We have also had clients who just wanted to improve their personal best in a particular activity.  Do you find when you reach a certain point, something holds you back or stops you from continuing on at the same pace?  In my sessions, I can walk you through your activity and help release any barriers that are preventing you from achieving your goal.  These challenges could be the stress of the event itself, helping you improve how you pace yourself throughout the event or to help you with the burst of activity in the final section of the activity.

My sessions are something that has helped our clients realise their dreams and help them run a better race, achieve a higher sales target or swim a faster time.  If this is something you would like for your work or sports life, then book a session with us today.

To read other peoples experiences of my sessions in relation to performance, visit my testimonials page.

To start excelling in your performance at work or at sport, contact us today to book a session!

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