Are you a sufferer of knee pain? There are many causes of this. Among the most common are arthritis pain, injuries in the ligaments, dislocated knee cap, Baker’s cyst (swelling at the back of the joint), patellar tendonitis, and of course, cartilage injuries. Fractures to the knee can also cause this type of pain, especially if you have suffered a severe accident. The worst knee injuries often require surgery as well as casting or other support. Although it is uncommon, gout can also cause severe pain in the knee. These are just some of the major knee complaints people have and as you can see they vary in how they affect the knee and they type of joint pain involved.

Knee Pain Treatment
Whether it is slight bruising, minor swelling, major swelling, locking of the knee, all of these situations are uncomfortable and inconvenient. Some of you may have tried some home remedies you found online which resulted in some temporary relief and some may have tried a one-on-one with a specialist to help resolve the issue. Below are a list of some of the top home remedy treatments for pain we found online.

· Rest. You have to rest the joint which means that you avoid walking, climbing up or down stairs, running towards a friend, and similarly strenuous activities. This allows the inflammation to subside. Most of the time, this is all you need to relieve your knee pain. If symptoms keep on occurring, consult your doctor.

· Application of heat and ice. Heat pads or ice packs may be the remedy to use. But which one do you pick? If you have suffered an injury or swelling during the last 48 hours (such as an ankle sprain), then you better use ice packs. If you have chronic conditions like repeated stress injuries, you better use the heat pads. Don’t use heat after you finish a physical activity or just received an acute injury.

· Stretching. You can stretch the tendons and the muscles that surround the joint. You need to have a good routine and should get exercise suggestions from professional fitness coaches to help you on your way.

· Physical therapy. Your injury, especially if it is a chronic pain or arthritis pain, needs to be treated with proper exercise.

To truly deal with your knee pain, we need to not only address the physical symptoms you are experiencing but also the emotions attached to this condition. At Your Inner Power there is one method we use to treat all physical pains in a fast effective way and that is based on the technique called Emotional Freedom Technique. The technique is called Faster EFT and is a method of healing similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. By gently tapping on meridian points you can address any physical pain you have in your body and release it for good.

So how would you like to say goodbye to your knee pain for good?

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