Vicodin is a drug that combines the powerful effects of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. The use of Vicodin has quadrupled in the last ten years, which has resulted in a 500% increase in emergency-room visits related to its abuse.Vicodin is popular because of its double impact ability to reduce or even eliminate pain and provide a feeling of temporary “high”. So, it basically makes you feel really good while minimizing pain. This is why many patients and drug users become addicted to it very quickly.

Unfortunately, after taking a certain dose for a while, the body adapts to it. As a result, users often have to up their dosages to get the same high. This is often why it is not unusual to find users who take up to thirty pills of Vicodin every day.

Do you have a problem with Vicodin? Do you often doctor shop to get your supply of Vicodin? Do you know someone who is struggling with Vicodin addiction?

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