People often wonder how you can do an online transformational session with Your Inner Power. There are two ways that we conduct the online transformational session. These can be done online through Skype or Zoom.


We work with the client to see which mode of communication works best for them but usually we recommend a zoom online session as we find this has less interference compared to Skype.

In an online zoom session, you will experience the same as you would if you came to see Jackie in person. The only real difference is that you would be physically tapping on yourself while copying Jackie as she demonstrates it.


People worry that the experience would not be the same but the results prove differently.

From our experience people can have the same positive results via an online session as they can have in a face to face session.


Through the power of zoom, an online session can be conducted with anyone anywhere in the world and the bonus is, you don’t need to leave your home to have it.

You get to do the zoom online session in a safe place for you while addressing some big issues for you. This can help you relax more and release these overwhelming issues. Some clients have even reported not having the same level of anxiety about the session as they are doing it from home.


If you do not live in the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia but would like to experience the power of these transformational sessions, why not contact us today and book your zoom online session with us and begin to feel the benefits today.

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