The primary modality that I use in sessions with clients is Faster EFT.  What is this and why so?

Faster EFT is a simple easy to use tool that makes big changes fast.  Faster EFT stands for Faster Emotionally Focused Transformations and was developed by Robert G Smith.  Robert, who studied both EFT and NLP, began combining and refining these techniques to develop Faster EFT.

Faster EFT is built upon the premise that there are no broken people and that instead of energy being blocked in our meridian system, it believes that our issue/condition is just a physical reaction to what the mind holds and perceives consciously and unconsciously to be true.  While aiming at the emotion, feeling, memory or trigger, we tap on key meridian points which results in transforming the internal representation of what our mind is holding about the issue/condition and allowing healing to occur.

This photo is from my trip to Hawaii in January 2014 with Robert Smith.  This was my second trip to Hawaii where I was selected as one of 10 practitioners from around the world to work with the residents of Habilitat using the Faster EFT Drug Addiction Protocol.  To see some of the video testimonials I received for my work there, please visit my testimonials page.

Faster EFT can be used on any issue or condition.  I have worked with the following:

– Weight Loss

– Quit Smoking

– Anxiety, Fears & Panic Attacks

– Drug Addiction

– Sports Performance

– Physical Pain

– Warts

– Eye Issues such as Blocked tear duct

– Depression

Whatever your issue, Faster EFT can help you release the physical or emotional pain and help you transform the way you feel.

I have had clients who had issues that plagued them for many years.  They had tried everything and decided to give Faster EFT a try.  After one session, these clients had felt a significant improvement and sometimes their issue had completely dissolved.

To read what others are saying about my sessions, visit my testimonials page.

So if you have an issue or condition that is impacting your life and you want to try something that is simple, easy to use and pain free, contact me now to book a Faster EFT session.

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