Did you know that blocked tear ducts are not only something that affect children but also affect adults?  While the condition is less common in adults, when it occurs in adults doctors usually connect it to aging or an injury.  If you are one of these adults who currently have a blocked tear duct and would like to try a natural treatment in the comfort of your own home with lasting results, continue reading to find out more about my health and wellness sessions.

To address your blocked tear duct  my sessions help people clear whatever physical pain they have by addressing the underlying emotions.  To do this, we use a technique called Faster EFT to understand what is going on in your body and mind in relation to your blocked tear ducts.  Its important to understand the emotions and feelings that drive your blocked ears problem and use Faster EFT to neutralise these emotions.

If you would like to read others experiences of addressing their blocked tear duct issues in my sessions, visit my testimonials page.

To start addressing your blocked tear duct issues today, book a session with me now!

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