Prescription drug addiction is something we hear more and more about in the media each year.  While the belief among people is that prescription drugs are safer than street drugs, the statistics around the world clearly show us a different picture

In 2012 the number-one cause of death in 17 US states was prescription drug abuse, and that figure surpassed the number of fatalities caused by motor vehicle accidents.In the US, more people die each year from prescribed opioid overdoses than from heroin, a trend being repeated in Australia.  In 2013 in the UK, it was estimated that 32,000 Britons are addicted to painkiller medication

Most people start taking prescription medication to get some sort of relief from pain or anxiety and before they know it, they are doctor shopping in an effort to continue to either get some sort of high or to dull out an emotional pain. Whether your drug is XanaxOxycondoneVicodin or any other prescriptive drug, we at Your Inner Power can help you get back in control.

Through using Faster EFT with clients with prescription drug addiction issues, I have watched their addiction dissolve as they deal with their underlying emotional pain. Faster EFT allows you to deal with the issues you are running from in a pain free, easy, fast way.

So if you are experiencing a difficulty with prescription drug and are unable to stop using these drugs or need them to get through your day, make a change today.
To see how we have helped other with prescription drug addictions, visit our testimonials page.
Book a Faster EFT session today and start creating a life free from addiction.

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