Are you someone who has ear problems?  Are you someone who experiences pain or discomfort in relation to your ears?  If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are about to discover a new technique that can help you heal your ears.

So what are ear problems?  The ear has external, middle, and inner portions and when any part of the ear is experiencing discomfort, this is an ear problem.  There are many types of ear problems such as an ear infectionblocked ears, glue ear or ear ache, to name a few.  With any ear problem, there are numerous options to gain relief on the market.  These may include ear drops, acupuncture, ear candling, home remedies or medication.  Whatever your ear problem and wherever you are on the threshold of discomfort, we at Your Inner Power can help you.

As ear problems are a physical pain, this can be addressed by using EFT tapping for pain relief.  My sessions are designed to deal with whatever pain you have, in this case, ear pain, and to reduce or remove it completely from your life.  So how do I do this?  I use a technique called Faster EFT to understand what is going on in your body and mind in relation to your ear problem.  Its important to understand the emotions and feelings that drive your ear problem and use Faster EFT to neutralise these emotions.  By addressing these emotions, I am addressing the root of the ear problem.

If you would like to see what relief others have experienced in relation to physical pain through my sessions, visit my testimonials page.

To get started today and reduce or remove your ear problems, contact us now to book a session!

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