There are many ways people deal with stress. They meditate, do yoga, or simply try to eliminate stress in their lives by having fun and avoid thinking about any negative emotions or situations.

But thanks to some recent studies, there is now a new approach to dealing with stress. Emotional Freedom Technique, normally referred to as EFT, is a technique that can help you eliminate stress completely from your life. It can remove negative emotions, reduce food cravings, eliminate pain, and reinforce positive goals. This technique is a refinement of long established healing techniques and has been used on lots of stress related conditions such as PTSD, food stress, and work stress.  For this reason, this is a technique that is regularly used in our sessions as it gets to the underlying emotion behind the issue, releases it and helps you change your response moving forward.

So how does this work?

Coping with Stress

EFT and Faster EFT are considered to be a natural stress relief method since they don’t use any tools; just your hand and your body. By pressing your finger tips onto specific points on your body, called meridians, the stressors dissipate or go away completely. This is somewhat similar to acupuncture but without the use of needles. Some people also call it psychological acupressure.

When using these modalities in our sessions, we walk you through how to use them in your daily life.  Some tips we use to get you started are the following:

1)     It’s all in the fingertips. Use your index and middle finger to tap pressure points in your body. This simple motion is used on all points, whether you’re tapping under your eye or under your arm.

2)     Don’t hurt yourself. Don’t push your fingertips too hard. Remember to tap your pressure points solidly but not to the extent of hurting yourself.

3)     Remove any accessories you are wearing. Before attempting any acupressure, remove accessories such as glasses, necklaces, or wristwatch top avoid injury.

The Tapping Points – How to Relieve Stress

You can’t just put pressure on any points of your body; you must target specific spots. There are many points on the body that you can tap but here are a selection of points that we find useful and easy to locate:

1.  eyebrows (above and on one side of your eyebrow)
2.  side of the eye (on the bone at the outside corner of the eye)
3.  under your eyes (one inch below your pupils)
4.  collar bone
5.  the wrists (the inside of both wrists)

By starting to tap just these points when you feel stressed, you may begin to feel a little relief but to truly make a break-through in the way you manage your stress.

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