Healthy Weight Loss refers to an intentional but safe loss of total body mass in an effort to improve fitness, health or appearance.  Current research shows that 1 billion of the world’s population are overweight, including over 22 million children under the age of 5.  Many people who are not happy with their appearance or tired of being ridiculed,  jump in desperation at any weight loss product they see and do not consider the long term effects or the dangers and risks attached.

There are so many options out there to lose weight.  We are being bombarded every day with a different weight loss product and even have some celebrities promoting their favourites.  Whether its a calorie counting diet, a carb free diet, a low carb diet, a high protein diet, a no sugar diet, a soup diet, a fruit diet, you name it there is a diet out there on the market claiming it can help you with weight loss.  Whether you are losing weight after pregnancy, looking at how to lose belly fat or are looking for some simple weight management techniques, the question is, is the program you are looking at healthy for you and is it one that will have lasting results?

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When people think about weight loss, even the words suggest you are losing something, you will be deprived.  This is a very important aspect to address for anyone who wants to change their body shape.  At Your Inner Power, we have worked with people to help them embrace a new way of life that is free from deprivation, makes them feel good and helps them change the way they look in a healthy way.  So if you are interested in losing weight but not feeling like you are losing out, why not join our Healthy Weight Loss Program.

My private health and wellness sessions for weight loss are a pain-free, easy, effective way to address your weight loss issues with lasting results.  My sessions use a technique called Faster EFT which involves tapping lightly on certain meridian points of the body.  By doing this, we reduce or remove the intensity of the underlying emotions related to your weight until it is no longer a problem for you.  We have found by using Faster EFT for Weight Loss, we have made big changes and had lasting results.

To read other peoples experience of my sessions for weight loss, visit my testimonials page.

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