A person can deal with anxiety in many different ways. Some prefer peace and quiet; they meditate in the comfort of their own home. Others do the opposite; they go out and have fun. And then there are those who prefer to engage in their favourite hobby such as gardening, reading, writing or tinkering with gadgets. But there is one technique that seems to work for all different types of people and has lasting results. At Your Inner Power, we teach you how to empower yourself to deal with your anxiety and help reduce it or remove it from your life.

Have you suffered or are you suffering from anxiety?  If you are a first time sufferer or a long term sufferer, we at Your Inner Power can help you address the anxiety you are experiencing and help you manage it with lasting results.

How To Overcome Anxiety

What is it that we do at Your Inner Power that can help you overcome your anxiety?  Using tools such as EFT and Faster EFT, we can teach you how to help reduce or eliminate the intensity of the anxiety and help you relax. 

The tools are simple, easy to use and you can do it all in the comfort of your own home.  To specifically deal with anxiety, my one on one sessions first address the fear associated with the anxiety.  To do this, we use Faster EFT to understand what is going on in your body and mind in relation to your anxiety.  Its important to understand the emotions and feelings that drive your anxiety problem and use Faster EFT to neutralise these emotions.

To read about other peoples experience of my sessions, you can visit my testimonials page.

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