At Your Inner Power, we are experts are creating and delivering transformational Health retreats for individuals and groups. We have experience creating retreats for individuals who needed help with Depression, anxiety, addiction, grief and stress. 

Our Private 5 Day Retreat is designed for one individual and the retreat is created around that person. All treatments, activities, food, therapies are all selected with one individual in mind and the results of these 5 day intensives are profound.

Our 5 Day Private Retreat involves multiple therapy sessions a day working on different aspects and addressing the issue using different modalities. By tackling the problem in this multi-layered approach, we create dramatic change in the persons perception/health and emotional wellbeing. The 5 Day Retreat is also followed up with at home support to ensure you have the outcome you desire.

We also have Group Retreats on offer. You can attend a 5 Day Boutique Group Retreat. This is a transformational Group experience where we limit the numbers in attendance. Our goal is to ensure you have the support and focus you need to help clear the issue on hand. We try to tailor the program as best we can to each of the individuals but there is also some group work which is hugely beneficial for the individuals in attendance.  A beautiful location on the Sunshine coast with beautiful organic meals make the transformational journey a journey to remember. For more information visit our Group Retreats page.

Finally we also offer a retreat for Corporate clients who wish to bring their executives or a team away to help develop them individually but also as a team. These corporate retreats are created around the team of employees in attendance and what they wish to achieve. We create an experience for the individuals and the team as a whole which is hugely beneficial to the whole organisation. It teaches them tools for stress management, emotional wellbeing in the workplace as well as helping them with any personal emotional stressors. These retreats can be 2-5 days in length and are generally conducted in the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. If you wish to have one held in your state or closer to your work, please contact us and we would be happy to discuss. 

So if you are looking for a transformational experience, why not check out our various retreats and see which one resonates with you!

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