Stress Management

Stress is everywhere. From the moment you wake up, to the end of your day, you are bombarded with stressful situations: deadlines, traffic, colleagues at work getting on your case or your boss or teacher breathing down your neck. Even the mundane stuff can be stressful. You worry about what you’re going to eat, going to wear, how you should get to the office, what your hair should look like, not to mention the endless speculation about what your colleagues think about you. But what is stress? And how does one go about managing stress?

There are four types of stress. The first one is called chronic eustress, also referred to as “good stress.” This is what you experience when you achieve your goals and fulfill your desires. It is a product of positive action and is associated with feelings of love, joy, peace, and happiness. The second stress type is called acute eustress . Like the first type, this is good stress but at a higher level. It happens when something really good happens in your life.  The third one is called acute distress; the type of bad stress which gives you shock and intense discomfort. This happens when you are surprised or threatened such as when in a car accident or if you are attacked. The last stress type is called chronic distress . This is the worst case as you can develop panic attacks, depression, anxiety or other negative emotions.

At Your Inner Power, we work with people on the bad stress in their lives and try to create more good stress. Our sessions cater for both types of bad stress and teach you how to relieve stress in your life and how to be confident and in control.

Stress Management Techniques
Our sessions help you deal with whatever stress you have in your life and help you change the way you perceive it and experience it.  So how do we do this?  We use a technique called Faster EFT to understand what is going on in your body and mind in relation to managing stress.  It is important to understand the emotions and feelings that drive this stress and use Faster EFT to neutralise these emotions.

People experience stress in different ways in their body.  Some people get tense muscles or joints, some people get migraines, some people get physically ill and some people feel fatigued.  Over time, this stress builds in your body.  The more it builds up, the more intense your reaction is.  But the bigger question you should ask yourself is, what effect is this stress having on your body over time? It is believed that repressed emotions and stress can lead to disease so its important you learn to manage your stress levels and dissolve the stress build up in your body. This is where our sessions can teach you how to do this and how to enjoy a healthier, lower stressed life.

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