The Cause of Elbow Pain
When you research online, one of the major causes of elbow pain is tendinitis which is an injury or inflammation to the tendons (soft tissues that connect the bone to the muscles). This type of pain can make normal activities such as lifting an object hard to do. A common cause is tennis elbow, an injury which is often incurred by sports enthusiasts. Obviously tennis players suffer from this but it is also seen in golfers whose swings tend to injure the tendons outside their elbow. While named tennis elbow,  it is not just tennis players who can suffer from this condition. Any activity that that overuse the arm and the wrist can result in tennis elbow.

Another common cause of elbow pain is “nursemaid’s elbow” which is an injury young children tend to develop from overstretching their arms when playing. The action causes bones to elongate temporarily and a ligament slips in between and then it becomes trapped when the bones return to their places. Other causes of pain in the elbow are bursitis or the inflammation of a cushion beneath the skin; arthritis pain which is an ailment in those who are in their later years; elbow strains and infections of the elbow.

As you can see there are a long list of elbow related issues that affect both the young and old. The above paragraphs describe physically what happens to the bones or tissues of the body for each of the conditions but at Your Inner Power, we look at addressing the physical effects of the condition as well as its emotional impact on the individual.

Elbow Pain Treatment
So if you are suffering from pain in the elbow, what do you need to do? As it is a form of joint pain
, you may have applied an ice pack to the elbow to help with any swelling and discomfort. If you went to your doctor you may be advised to rest your elbow.   But how can you quickly address what is going on in your elbow in a pain free way that will have lasting results?

Using Faster EFT, we at Your Inner Power have worked with many physical conditions such as elbow pain and had amazing results.   As the name suggests, this is a technique that aims to free you from the emotional pain associated with the physical condition fast which results in the physical pain disappearing simultaneously.

The method for doing this is simple.  It is simply tapping on certain meridian points of the body lightly while saying certain words.  By doing this, you release the emotions and pain associated with the elbow injury.

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