In an effort to help more clients on a larger scale, Jackie decided to create Practitioner courses to assist Practitioners with all areas of their Tapping business.

Having made the transition from a corporate role to her Tapping business, Jackie recognised that a number of Practitioners were struggling with this and also how to make their hobby a full time successful business.

She recognises the importance of good business planning and having a strategy on how to achieve your goal. She also recognises the importance of diversifying your business so that you have multiple streams of income from different sources.

Having experienced growing her own Tapping business and expanding out into Corporate Health and Wellbeing coaching and training as well as delivering powerful Health retreats, Jackie decided to teach others how to do the same.

Her first course “How to Tap into Corporates” was delivered in person initially all around the world. She has had many graduates and received many testimonials. These people have gone on to do corporate coaching as well as approach schools and government departments for coaching work.

Jackie is currently developing a range of additional Practitioner courses which will be released in the future and will be around creating and supporting successful Tapping practitioners.

For now, if you are interested in the How to Tap into Corporates workshop, you can learn more about it here and can sign up for our next course. Looking forward to working with you and helping you achieve more with your Tapping business.

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